Move your mouse around

Mouseware uses a cryptographically secure random number generator based on your mouse movements to generate secure, memorable passwords. Passwords are generated entirely in the browser, no data is ever sent over the network. The generated passphrases are similar to those generated by Diceware or popularized by xkcd, with an emphasis on easy memorization.

Mouseware can now optionally use the diceware word list. Enable secure diceware password generation.

Mouseware also provides an alternative markov chain based password generation method. This method generates passwords that provide a balance between ease of memorization and randomness by creating passphrases which feel like english words without being limited to actual english words. For a given length, the passphrases will on average be harder to guess, however this method provides weaker guarantees since the generation method is less uniform, and more difficult to analyze.

[1]1000 guesses/second is a worst-case web-based attack. Typically this is the only type of attack feasible against a secure website.

[2]100 billion guesses/second is a worst-case offline attack, when a hashed password database is stolen by someone with nontrivial technical and financial resources.